STEVE and SAM LEWIN, founders of Lewin Construction, were born and raised in France. They were the second and fourth of four children. Their father was British and their mother French. From a very early age, both brothers were immersed in the study of art and classical music. These disciplines allowed them to develop an appreciation for other fine arts. Most notable was an observant eye towards the Old World, European architecture that surrounded them from their youth. Their later education led them down different paths.  Sam continued his pursuit of music and teaching. Steve moved to the United States and focused on a double degree in music and engineering.

“With that passion came a desire to import the architectural beauties and building techniques of the Old World to the new World”

For several years, they each pursued their own career choices, while increasing their skills in general building. Through their conversations, they discovered in each other a mutual passion for beautiful architecture. With that passion came a desire to import the architectural and building techniques of the Old World to modern home-building. It was out of this desire that Lewin Construction was born. Here, the newest technological advances in construction, energy efficiency and the time tested building methods of their European heritage combine. The results are timeless homes, built to last for generations – the family legacy home is reborn.

Lewin Construction Founders
Steve & Sam Lewin, founders of Lewin Construction

What Makes Lewin Construction Different?

Lewin Construction stands out among the myriad of home designers and builders in the area for a number of reasons. Foremost is their belief in the importance of using locally sourced materials in their builds. An often overlooked aspect of what makes the design of a home unique is where it is located. However, Lewin Construction focuses on designing and building homes that fit the landscape. It’s as simple (and complex) as using the same materials that God has placed there. However, the partnerships and relationships that Lewin Construction has and continues to grow with local businesses enables them to do just that.

The trends of energy efficient, eco-friendly homes is a strong thread in the fabric of Lewin Construction. Utilizing the latest in technologies, Lewin homes meet and/or exceed building standards, providing home owners with comfort, peace of mind and safety for generations. Whether it’s top-rated HVAC systems or custom wiring for in-home sound systems, Lewin Construction delivers.

Perhaps the most significant difference is the connection between the design and building. Often new home owners/builders experience the need to hire a designer and then hire a contractor to execute that build. When a problem arises, as it often does, there are timely delays, miscommunication, and often the home owners are left feeling like being heard is a struggle. However, the Design-Build technique eliminates this problem, allowing your design team and your construction team to be on the same page from day one.

When you’re ready to build your dream home, Steve & Sam, and the rest of the team at Lewin Construction will be there to make your dreams come true. Request a quote for your dream home today.