Longevity – Legacy homes for future generations

The roots of the Lewin brothers’ heritage shines through in their passion to craft your legacy home. We believe that leaving your legacy begins with living your legacy. We strive to capture the values, traditions and journeys of your life in the materials, aesthetics and overall feel of your home. In a world where family is scattered from sea to shining sea, we want to help you leave a brick-and-mortar legacy that will last for generations to come, reflecting your family’s core values.. Whether it’s a second home, vacation home, or the family home you will live in throughout the year, we are confident that we can help you build a home where your family will want to come and gather.

In today’s modern society, it is almost inconceivable for many to imagine four generations of family members living in the same town, much less the same home. But we believe the Chattanooga and North Georgia areas have so much to offer that it can easily become the place for your family to gather – for weekend get-a-ways, holiday celebrations, special occasions, Sunday dinners and everything in-between. A legacy home can bring families together today and keep the traditions alive in the generations to come.

Because our homes are built with natural, locally-sourced building materials, the latest in modern technologies in the building industry and high standards of energy efficiency, you will have a home that is easier to maintain. The quality of the materials and techniques used in building the home further aid to lengthening the life of the structure. When you are ready to build a home that will last for generations, Lewin Construction is the right choice to design and build your dream legacy home. To see a sample of our finished homes, visit Recent Projects.