Shou Sugi Ban


Shou Sugi Ban

The Lewin Brothers’ passion for designing and building something brilliant that will endure for generations has led, very naturally, to a love of burning wood to reveal the beautiful textures, grain patterns and colors that are only seen after the torch has been passed over the timbers. But this technique is certainly not a new method. Like most of the techniques used by Lewin Construction, wood burning has been around for centuries (or more).

Shou Sugi Ban (or Yakisugi) is an ancient Japanese technique of charring wood in order to preserve it. Traditionally, ‘Yakusugi’ (Japanese cedar), from the island of Yakushima, was used. More recently, designers and architects are using other species of wood, like western red cedar, douglas fir, cyprus, pine and oak.

Benefits of Shou Sugi Ban

The remarkable transformation of charring the wood not only brings out its beauty, but it also serves to make it stronger, more stable, insect resistant, and weather resistant. Shou Sugi Ban wood is perfect for flooring, siding, fences, paneling, ceilings, accent walls, cladding and so much more. It is sustainable, eco-friendly and FSC certified wood.

Keeping with the Lewin Construction passion for locally sourced materials in our building projects, we began creating our own charred wood for our projects. The experience and skill acquired, and the passion for the beauty of the wood itself has led us to begin to produce this extraordinary wood right here in Chattanooga and make it available to other builders across the region. We are confident that our products are going to meet and exceed your expectations in the care given in production, using only the finest wood and finishes.

Learn about the Shou Sugi Ban technique here.

Shou Sugi Ban Gallery

Wood treated with Shou Sugi Ban technique can be used for exteriors, interiors, siding, floors, feature items and so much more.

Our Shou Sugi Ban Products

All of our products are designed to preserve the tradition of Shou Sugi Ban while meeting the high demands of modern architecture. We use Cypress, Eastern Red Cedar, Rough Sawn White Oak, and Western Red Cedar wood. All are available in three levels of charring ranging from natural and radiant to stunning and dramatic for both interior and exterior projects.

Cypress Light Char
Cypress Medium Char
Cypress Heavy Char
Eastern Red Cedar
Eastern Red Cedar Light Char
Eastern Red Cedar Medium Char
Eastern Red Cedar Heavy Char
Rough Sawn White Oak
Rough Sawn White Oak Light Char
Rough Sawn White Oak Medium Char
Rough Sawn White Oak Heavy Char
Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar Light Char
Western Red Cedar Medium Char
Western Red Cedar Heavy Char