Customer-Centered Approach

At Lewin Construction, we seek to bring our customers as close as possible to the process of building their ideal home. One of the biggest downfalls in the construction process is a failure to communicate to the client exactly what is going on. As each step of the design and building is completed, we want to make sure our customers are able to approach us easily with any and all questions.

After all, good and honest communication is at the core of any successful project. In order to ensure good communication, we utilize a unique tool–Builder Trend. Builder Trend software allows you to login and get updates on your home build whenever you choose. Never let your busy schedule keep you from being able to get the update you want on the progress of your home and see what’s coming up next in the schedule. So whether you want daily updates or if your schedule will only allow you to be involved when necessary, we’ll customize your experience to your preferences.