Customized Artisanship

What, you may ask, is “customized artisanship?” Simply put, we design your dream home with your input while turning the clocks back to the way things used to be in the construction world, creating a unique synergy we like to call Design-Build. Though a new term, it’s not a new concept. It stems from the historic role of the masterbuilder. Masterbuilders were experts in their craft and held full responsibility for vision and execution of their assigned project. The role of the masterbuilder was truly that of an artist. They were skilled in understanding all needs of the project and able to command all resources required in order to craft spaces that not only met the functional needs of the building, but created an exceptional aesthetic as well. The role of the masterbuilder diminished around the beginning of the 20th century, and oftentimes in modern architecture, the responsibilities of design and construction are carried out by separate entities. The architect and the contracter have little or no contact. We work to bring the two back together. This revival has revealed numerous advantages, some of which are:

  • Single-point responsibility
  • Greater cost savings & earlier cost certainty
  • “Value Engineering” at conceptual stages rather than too late, after project design is complete
  • Better communication
  • Higher quality outcomes
  • Clear roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Speed of completion
  • Reduced risk to the client (because the design-build entity assumes more)
  • Reduced risk to design consultants and subcontractors which results in lower construction costs, greater efficiencies and fewer litigation claims