“Par Excellence”

What does this mean?  Where are you going with this?  Were I a homeowner interviewing contractors and asked, “What can you bring to the table and how can you help me achieve my goals?” and was responded to in this way, I’d think those questions. Yet, at Lewin Construction we would easily and confidently respond, ‘par excellence.’  Not coming from a place of ego, or bragging, but from a place of great sincerity and confidence.

We will not build some imitation knock off that can barely pass.  We build great homes.  Homes that people can be proud of. Homes that people can not only live their lives in, but homes that they can share, grow in and love. Homes par excellence.

We live by the mantra ‘Par Excellence.’  And it has nothing to do with us being French. Well, not entirely anyway. Par Excellence is where we begin our design, where we start our execution and where we hold ourselves accountable.  

You see, we are not only responsible to our Clients, we are responsible to ourselves.  And believe us, the bar we set for ourselves is higher than any that could ever be imposed by a homeowner. “How can we move this along faster and more efficiently?”  “How can we make this better?” “How can we improve the value?”  “How can we be true to our values in this build?”  These are things routinely asked of ourselves in the Lewin offices and especially in the field.

Construction doesn’t happen at the Design Table, although ours is something we hand made and love (check it out on our Shou Sugi Ban page). It’s where our fountain of creativity begins.  The flowing lifeblood of our company, of our organization, and of all the work we do, is out there, in the field, building your refuge.  Your gathering place.  Your HOME.

Lea Haven 8

That, ladies and gentlemen, THAT is why we abide and relish in the mantra Par Excellence.  “What can we do that is more than is required?”  “What can we do to enhance this?” That is why we’re your builder.

We’d love to start with your idea and turn it into a dream come true. A dream that you could truly say not only met, but exceeded your expectations.

That is Par Excellence.  That is Lewin Construction.

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