Family Matters

At Lewin Construction, we are a family company.  Owned and founded by brothers, "family" is at the heart of everything we do. And we know that your family is important to you too. So when we think about designing a home, we begin at the heart of a home - family.  Your family will eat, sleep and live their lives in the home we design and build. And because every single family is different, so is every single Lewin home! When we interview a potential client, we want to learn as much about you and your family as we can. ...Read More

Par Excellence: The Lewin Way

"Par Excellence" What does this mean?  Where are you going with this?  Were I a homeowner interviewing contractors and asked, "What can you bring to the table and how can you help me achieve my goals?" and was responded to in this way, I'd think those questions. Yet, at Lewin Construction we would easily and confidently respond, 'par excellence.'  Not coming from a place of ego, or bragging, but from a place of great sincerity and confidence. We will not build some imitation knock off that can barely pass.  We build great homes.  Homes that people can be proud of....Read More